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As shown on the above sliders and below short videos, we provide latest central vacuum products and solutions to make your cleaning fast, easy, and fun! We are here to serve and meet all your central vacuum needs. Whether you are looking for a complete package, a service or particular product – navigate our website. If you didn’t find your choice or want a recommendation and some help, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re a click away.

  • Looking to buy and install new power unit or just service your old unit.
  • Need help with fixing, moving, replacing, upgrading?
  • Weak or no suction at all? Often this is caused by clogged outlet or object in pipe or by disconnected/lose pipe/fitting.
  • Constructing your new home or just moved-in and would like the rough-in completed, mount vacuum unit and install outlets?
  • Existing / Older home – not pre-roughed-in with PVC pipe (tubing)?

No problem! We take care all of the above.

Central Vacuum Retractable Hose System Solutions For Whole House

Don’t forget about these Must Have Latest Quick-Clean Products. Retractable hose system is a solution designed to store central vac hoses inside in your wall. When you want to clean, simply pull out the length required, vacuum, and when done, let the power suction of the unit recoil the hose back. You will no longer need to use a broom and dustpan.

Retractable Central Vacuum Hose

If you were unaware of retractable hose solution, now you do! Let us know once you realize the benefit of it. We will upgrade your system and save you the hassle, space, and time. Our clients love it! Yes, even the kids like vacuuming with it since there’s no hose to grab and take back to store it after done with cleaning. Continue reading for more details.

Dry and Wet Commercial Central Vacuum

Installation, Service, and Solutions For Small and Medium Businesses * Pick up both liquid and solid substances. Watch How TimHortons logo Uses Vroom and Automatic Wet/Dry Central Vac

Good for: Barber shop l Hair salon l Animal hospital l Veterinary clinic l Medical clinics l Small to big retail shops l Offices l Apartments l Hotels l Auto shops l Car wash. And more…. Check out our recent projects completed for Sport Clips barber shop and Toronto Animal Hospital our gallery page.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Central Vacuum System Solutions

1. Design & convenience
Typical home with 4 inlet-valves central vacuum system
There are numerous models, brands and types of central vacuums mostly manufactured for residential and commercial use. The power unit is often installed in a garage or basement and connected to wall inlet valves via PVC pipes on every floor. Use your suction hose to vacuum your floor levels (2nd, 3rd or more) conveniently. No power unit carrying!

2. Long Lasting ValueFamily Vacuuming With Hide A Hose Retractable Hose System

A good central vac lasts 10-20 years. And they come with motor and body warranties by the manufacturers. It also increases the value of your house. It adds to your portfolio, as it helps attract agents and buyers when selling the house. If your house isn’t pre roughed-in (with pipes & wall inlets), 90% of the time it can be retrofitted. As you’ll see in our recent projects gallery, we’ve done this for many home owners.
3. Powerful Suction & Quieter Than Portable Vacuum
Cat/Pet hiding from vacuum cleaner
Built-in central vac is 5x more powerful than portable vacuum cleaner. It helps you tackle and clean the whole house in LESS time. You’ll barely hear when it operates. If you prefer little or no noise for some reason select a model with a quieter sound decibel rating (maybe ➦ there’s an elderly patient ➦ you want to vacuum while baby is sleeping ➦ the furry friend dislikes the noise).
4. Improve Indoor Air Quality & Eliminate Allergy
Built-In Central Vacuum Living Room Area Rug/Carpet & Hardwood

Studies have proven that up to 18 Kg per year of dust and allergen particles remain indoors. Unlike conventional portable vacuums cleaners – central vacuum system can help you remove allergy agents (pollens, dust mites, bacteria) from indoor living. As the main unit is placed in garage or basement. Here is a clinical study “The influence of a central vacuum system on quality life“.

5. Deep Cleaning & Coverage

Centra Vacuum Cleaning Set for Bare floor Carpet And Stairs

You will be provided with the right set of cleaning tools whether you have a carpet, hardwood, tile, or a mix of both. 30′–35′ hose suction often covers every corner, and will let you reach the counter top, window (ceiling, curtains etc.). Need longer? Sure, we can customize up to 40′ and even 50′ hose lengths for you.

Our Happy Customers’ Review

Google Review

Ridwan is an amazing technician we came across when my house’s central vacuum gave me trouble 2 years ago. The previous technician did a very poor job in installing our vacuum. Ridwan took time and effort to fix the problems which someone else made without charging us a fortune. He is very professional with a thorough knowledge in his field. He provides outstanding customer care and he makes follow-up calls to make sure there is no new concerns. He is very patient and polite with his customers. A true gentleman! Highly recommend him (GTA Vacuum) for installation of Central Vacuum.

Shine from Torono Review on Google for GTA Central Vacuum

Our Response…

Thank you Shine for taking your time to write this and leave photos. It was a pleasure helping. I’m also glad to solve and enable you use an electric power brush with your Hide-A-Hose to clean the carpet (as shown on photo). Please don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you have any issue. Enjoy vacuuming & using your retractable hose system!

Google Review

We are very much satisfied with the product and the service. The tech Ridwan was very professional and helpful. He did a great job explaining about the product without pushing us to buy. We took some time to make the decision as I tried many different vacuums, low to high end, simple to complex ones aswell. Finally, thanks to the GTA vacuum, I am happy with the product and would recommend it. We did vroom and retroflex aswell In September 2019. working well and no complaints so far. Ridwan always help me whenever I have questions about the product or it’s use. I’m sure everyone who will try this product will be happy.

Our Response…

Thank you very much Asra for the feedback. Glad hearing that you are happy. Thanks again. Enjoying your Vroom and Retraflex Retractable Hose System!

Asra Quadri, Mississauga, ON

Google Review

Professional, fair and friendly guy. I highly recommend GTA Vacuum if you are in market looking for central vacuum and installation. Thanks.

Our Response…

Thank you sir! Glad to hear you are happy with the central vacuum and installation. Appreciate your business and feedback. That’s means a lot to me.

Thank you for choosing GTA Vacuum. Have a great weekend!

Voipinfo, Brampton, ON
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