Retractable Central Vacuum Hose System

Retractable central vacuum hose system is a quick clean solution designed to store your hose inside the pipe in your walls. When you want to clean, pull out the length of hose required; when done, let the suction power of your unit recoil it. It’s easy and comfortable to use. No need to carry around hoses as you would with a conventional central vac hose.

How To Use Retractable Central Vacuum Hose

Seems simple enough, but how does it actually work? As demonstrated on the above video, it stores the hose inside the pipe trunk line which is starts behind the inlet and inside the wall, ceiling or attic.. You pull out the length you need, attach any desired accessory, then start the unit and vacuuming. When done the power suction of your central vacuum will retract the hose.

Benefits of a retractable hose system

  • No more storing the hose in a closet and taking up space (and no more lugging it around the house!)
  • Making messes faster to clean up
  • It will always be ready in the wall inlet valve when you need it

The Solution Is Good…

  • If you love to have things clean and well-kept
  • Ideal for people who do not like a tangled hose mess
  • Also, great for the elderly, as it is less to carry and less moving around

Who Makes Retractable Central Vacuum Hose Systems?

Retractable Central Vacuum Hose


At the moment there are three main brands / manufacturers of retractable hose systems. Let’s see who they are in order…


Hide-A-Hose Inc.- The first inventor of the central vacuum retractable hose system! Father and son Gary and Rod Drivstuen from Monroe, WA, launched Hide-A-Hose Inc, in 1999. And this system has been leading the industry since then. Continue reading for more info about Hide A Hose.

Hide A Hose Valve retract close White
Retraflex Retractable Hose System

Retraflex by (Trovac Industries Ltd.)- The next leading company is from Quebec, Ontario, who came up with a slight different redesign of the back mounting plate and inlet valve door – sturdier and nice looking. Learn more about Retraflex here and contact us when you consider this brand.

ChameleonVac – Brand new design by a reputable company, H-P Products Inc. who also makes the popular Vroom for counter, cabinet, and garage. At about the same time, H-P Products also launched a Vroom Retract Vac, another retractable hose for garage systems. ChameleonVac is yet another great solution – a patented dual-seal system with an automatic lock. It ensures a consistent seal every time you clean, with more vacuum power as well. Continue reading about Chameleon and don’t hesitate to contact to inquire about it.

Chameleon Retractable Hose System Hose Retracting

Vroom retractable vacuum 30ft 40ft 50ft hose with Valve


Vroom Retract-Vac – the first retractable hose system for a garage. Another solution and design by H-P Products. Unlike Vroom for kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets that comes with a maximum of 24ft stretch hose – this new product comes with 30ft of hose. If needed, you can get up to 50ft long hose. More Vroom Retract -Vac here

Vroom For Cabinet – again by H-P, this has been in the market for sometime now. It is a quick clean add-on product to your central vacuum. Often installed under kitchen sink. Good solution for the most used areas – kitchen, mud rooms, bathrooms, and garage. A neat and tidy way of vacuuming which will free you from lugging around bulky central vac hose. Grabbing/storing back the broom and dustpan. And wasting paper towels. Read more about Vroom for cabinet.

330xNxVroom Retractable Hose System Kitchen island.png.pagespeed.ic .ZDaDbp6kfT

H-P Products Inc also makes other great stuff including central vacuum power units – beside the above three mentioned products.

  • Spot – best for laundry room and mudroom
  • Vacuflo – popular central vacuum power units brand
  • Element – Another central vac brand
  • DirtDevil – Another brand mainly the RV Central Vacuum unit
  • TurboCat® – the first designed air-driven powerhead back in 1980 (partnered with Black & Decker). They changed the name later in 1982 to RugRat®.

Similarly, Trovac Industries Ltd. also has some cool products and auxiliary devices beside Retraflex retractable hose system:

  • AirStream Condovac – good for condo apartments
  • Cyclovac – popular central vacuum brand by TroVac
  • MVac – another central vac brand
  • WalyFlex – an innovative auxiliary stretch hose that brings convenience. Stylish as it mounts to the wall and can easily grab a hold of it

I hope the above content helped and/or provided you enough information about retractable hose system.

Residential Installation and Service
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  • Existing house – need help with fixing, replacing, upgrading or buying and installing a new central vacuum system?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Central vacuum is a built-in whole house vacuum that is stationed (installed) in areas such as garage and basement mechanical room sometimes in a closet. For more detailed info visit central vacuum page and/or general frequently asked questions here.

A good central vacuum power unit costs anywhere from $500 (compact) – $1500 (bigger size). A package costs $650 -$1500. It all depends on type, model, size and package/upgrade you may need. It will cost you more for special needs like retractable hose system package, commercial vacuums and Wet & Dry central vacuums. To get accurate price, feel free to contact us.

There are different types and sizes of central vacuums to meet consumers needs. We will suggest based on the size of your house, type of floor and other important factors.

Which Central Vacuum Is The Best? The short answer is – IT DEPENDS. There are numerous types and makes. It all depends on your situation (size and type of your house, flooring you have and other factors need to be considered such as filtration system, total number of inlets etc..). The most important you should pay attention is the motor that’s installed on your power unit. Cana-Vac has a great video that explains this topic…

For more details / in-depth watch the following video…

Study has proven that central vacuum system can help improve indoor air quality. It’s recommended to have central vacuum especially in new homes. Use of it helps remove indoor pollution and dusts. Below is a summary of study by “Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, University of California at Davis School of Medicine, Davis, CA, USA”

“Summary. Indoor pollution is one of the most common problems addressed by allergists and troublesome for their patients. Although a large variety of products are available for removing such pollutants, including house dust, there is a relative paucity of data on the effectiveness of such devices. In many cases, central vacuum systems are recommended, particularly in new homes. To specifically address the question of whether a central vacuum system produces an improvement in the well characterized domains of Juniper Rhino-conjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire, we selected 25 individuals with a history of documented type I hypersensitivity to house dust. Each of these individuals used either a Beam Central Vacuum System or their own conventional vacuum for a period of 3 months. At the end of this period, the individual switched over to the opposite limb of the study for 3 additional months. Interestingly, in all seven domains of the evaluation, including activity, sleep, non-nasal symptoms, practical problems, nasal symptoms, eye symptoms and emotions, use of the central vacuum proved to be superior.”

Continue reading the complete study by visiting this link – The Original Article The Influence of a Central Vacuum System on Quality of Life

Yes, you can choose from compact or condo central vacuums. Such as MVac M50 model. Deco DV20 Apartment Edition. Feel free to contact us should you need a suggestion.

No problem, 9 out of 10 we can retrofit new pipes and install a central vacuum for you so you can enjoy and take advantage of builtin vac. We have done this for many clients and old homes. Contact us and we’ll book for free inspection and quote you accordingly.