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Thank you taking the time to check us out. Our company, GTA Vacuum Inc., is federally incorporated and WSIB insured. We provide quality central vacuum products, services to homeowners and businesses in Toronto and surrounding suburbs. Whether your house is under new construction, renovation, or even old (established), we can customize a solution, install and finish each project according to your needs. We specialize in…

  • Retractable Hose System (quickly clean and hide your hoses inside your wall with Retraflex or Chameleon for whole house and Vroom for kitchen, pantry, mud-room, en-suite bathroom, laundry room and garage).
  • Installation of central vacuum unit (including your own vacuum – bought from retail stores, Costco, Rona, Home Depot etc.. for instance)
  • Retrofit tubing and install central vac into established house
  • Service and Troubleshoot
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Having worked with all types of businesses and customers, we have the expertise and understand your needs and frustration. You’ll be provided with options of quality central vacuum products and solutions.

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Google Review

Ridwan is an amazing technician we came across when my house’s central vacuum gave me trouble 2 years ago. The previous technician did a very poor job in installing our vacuum. Ridwan took time and effort to fix the problems which someone else made without charging us a fortune. He is very professional with a thorough knowledge in his field. He provides outstanding customer care and he makes follow-up calls to make sure there is no new concerns. He is very patient and polite with his customers. A true gentleman! Highly recommend him (GTA Vacuum) for installation of Central Vacuum.

Shine from Torono Review on Google for GTA Central Vacuum

Our Response…

Thank you Shine for taking your time to write this and leave photos. It was a pleasure helping. I’m also glad to solve and enable you use an electric power brush with your Hide-A-Hose to clean the carpet (as shown on photo). Please don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you have any issue. Enjoy vacuuming & using your retractable hose system!

Google Review

We are very much satisfied with the product and the service. The tech Ridwan was very professional and helpful. He did a great job explaining about the product without pushing us to buy. We took some time to make the decision as I tried many different vacuums, low to high end, simple to complex ones aswell. Finally, thanks to the GTA vacuum, I am happy with the product and would recommend it. We did vroom and retroflex aswell In September 2019. working well and no complaints so far. Ridwan always help me whenever I have questions about the product or it’s use. I’m sure everyone who will try this product will be happy.

Our Response…

Thank you very much Asra for the feedback. Glad hearing that you are happy. Thanks again. Enjoying your Vroom and Retraflex Retractable Hose System!

Asra Quadri, Mississauga, ON

Google Review

Professional, fair and friendly guy. I highly recommend GTA Vacuum if you are in market looking for central vacuum and installation. Thanks.

Our Response…

Thank you sir! Glad to hear you are happy with the central vacuum and installation. Appreciate your business and feedback. That’s means a lot to me.

Thank you for choosing GTA Vacuum. Have a great weekend!

Voipinfo, Brampton, ON

Our History and How It All Begun

Central Vacuum Installation
Central Vacuum Installation and Rough-In in Calgary & Area

Prior to the establishment of GTA Vacuum; we gained years of experience subcontracting jobs for vacuum stores (mainly Newbys Vacuum, Superior Vacuums and Vacuum Specialists) and builders in the west and east. Helped many homeowners in Calgary and area (especially during the Calgary and High River flood back in 2012 and after).

Similarly in Toronto and GTA, numerous projects has been completed for custom builders, home automation, security companies and vacuum cleaner shops/stores (few to mention Vacuflo North York, AlarVac, ABC Vacuum, Beam Etobicoke Vacuum Center – in Toronto. True Vacuum in Thornhill. F2M in Woodbridge, City Vacuum in Richmond Hill, Vaughan. Smart Vacuum Plus, B.F O’Neill’s Vacuum Center in Mississauga. Claude’s Vacuum in Oakville, Ontairo Vacuum in Hamilton) and many others. Jobs done varies from service calls to new/replacement of existing central vacuum installations, rough-ins, retractable hose system retrofit and commercial projects.

In 2018 and 2019 successfully completed more than 400 NEW townhomes central vac and security rough-in project in Oshawa, ON. Below is a reference video…(Home Builder: Tribute Communities)

And here is a couple of pictures for Past Central Vacuum Projects

More Past, Current and Future Projects On Gallery Page

Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact us for any comment, question or inquiry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Central vacuum is a built-in whole house vacuum that is stationed (installed) in areas such as garage and basement mechanical room sometimes in a closet. For more detailed info visit central vacuum page and/or general frequently asked questions here.

A good central vacuum power unit costs anywhere from $500 (compact) – $1500 (bigger size). A package costs $650 -$1500. It all depends on type, model, size and package/upgrade you may need. It will cost you more for special needs like retractable hose system package, commercial vacuums and Wet & Dry central vacuums. To get accurate price, feel free to contact us.

There are different types and sizes of central vacuums to meet consumers needs. We will suggest based on the size of your house, type of floor and other important factors.

Which Central Vacuum Is The Best? The short answer is – IT DEPENDS. There are numerous types and makes. It all depends on your situation (size and type of your house, flooring you have and other factors need to be considered such as filtration system, total number of inlets etc..). The most important you should pay attention is the motor that’s installed on your power unit. Cana-Vac has a great video that explains this topic…

For more details / in-depth watch the following video…

Study has proven that central vacuum system can help improve indoor air quality. It’s recommended to have central vacuum especially in new homes. Use of it helps remove indoor pollution and dusts. Below is a summary of study by “Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, University of California at Davis School of Medicine, Davis, CA, USA”

“Summary. Indoor pollution is one of the most common problems addressed by allergists and troublesome for their patients. Although a large variety of products are available for removing such pollutants, including house dust, there is a relative paucity of data on the effectiveness of such devices. In many cases, central vacuum systems are recommended, particularly in new homes. To specifically address the question of whether a central vacuum system produces an improvement in the well characterized domains of Juniper Rhino-conjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire, we selected 25 individuals with a history of documented type I hypersensitivity to house dust. Each of these individuals used either a Beam Central Vacuum System or their own conventional vacuum for a period of 3 months. At the end of this period, the individual switched over to the opposite limb of the study for 3 additional months. Interestingly, in all seven domains of the evaluation, including activity, sleep, non-nasal symptoms, practical problems, nasal symptoms, eye symptoms and emotions, use of the central vacuum proved to be superior.”

Continue reading the complete study by visiting this link – The Original Article The Influence of a Central Vacuum System on Quality of Life

Yes, you can choose from compact or condo central vacuums. Such as MVac M50 model. Deco DV20 Apartment Edition. Feel free to contact us should you need a suggestion.

No problem, 9 out of 10 we can retrofit new pipes and install a central vacuum for you so you can enjoy and take advantage of builtin vac. We have done this for many clients and old homes. Contact us and we’ll book for free inspection and quote you accordingly.