Central Vacuum Hose Kits – Air and Electric Carpet Brush Nozzles

Central vacuum hose kits come with attachments or set of tools for bare-floor (hardwood/ceramic tile) and low to high pile carpet cleaning needs. There’re different types of hose kits: standard, deluxe or premium. For instance, a typical deluxe kit looks like click here to continue reading below

Attachment Hose Kits

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Components of Central Vacuum Hose Kit

  • 30/35 ft Air or Electric Hose Suction
  • Telescopic wand/s
  • Electric Carpet Power Brush Head
  • Air Driven or Turbo Nozzles for low pile carpet cleaning
All-In-One Central Vacuum System Package

– Set of attachment tools i.e 4-5 pcs (crevice, dusting, upholstery tool, clip wand tool caddy and hose hanger

– (Optional) extras accessories – hose cover/sock, garage hose, vacaddy etc…

Basic and standard kits come with 30 or 35ft length with air/low voltage suction hose for bare hard floor cleaning. And an electric kit includes a power head so you vacuum your carpet deeply. If you are not sure and would like a customized kit, recommendation and installation, feel free to contact us and we’re always a click away.

When to buy a central vacuum hose kit

  • Got 3 or more floor level house? Makes sense to get at least 2 kits to avoid the hassle of bringing the hose and tools up and down.
  • Builder/contractor? If a kit is missing or client wants extra hose kit.
  • You fixed your old hose few times. Time to replace with new and save. (Tips) use it for garage or workshop
  • A gift to a friend/family member
  • Insurance related e.g flood, fire etc..

Again feel free to contact us whenever you need an assistance.

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