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Looking for a central vacuum power unit? There are many brands and models in the market. Which one is the best? Well, jus like the engine is the most important thing in your car; the motor is as important for central vacuum. It originates the power suction click here continue reading and watch the video

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Which Central Vacuum Is The Best? The short answer is – IT DEPENDS on the motor it carries. The bigger the better. And the higher water lift it has the better. H20/water lift is a description used in central vacuum, an industry-wide standard rating that tells you the suction strength. The water lift is typically listed in inches ranges from 107″ to 155″ with the greater number indicating higher suction power. Don’t get confused by ‘Water lift” as vacuuming water. Majority vacuums are designed to suck dry/solid dusts and dirts. However, you can vacuum water/liquid with specially designed wet and dry vacuums.

Since there are numerous brands and models of central vacs; you need to consider other factors such as size and type of your house, filtration system and total number of inlets.

Buyer’s Guide – All About Central Vacuum Units, Motor & Comparison..

Top Central Vacuum Power Unit Brands.
Below are some of the most popular brands manufactured in Canada:
Beam Central Vacuum
Central Vacuum Power Unit
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DrainVac Logo
M90 Mvac Central-Vacuum-Unit