Central Vacuum System

Central vacuum system is the best solution for home owners as the actual power unit is outside of your indoor – unlike traditional portable vacuums that you would drag upstairs and down. And it saves you a lot of time and money.

Central Vacuum System

Components of Central Vacuum System

Considering the house is roughed-in with PVC pipes and wall mounting plates during construction, the main components are the main vacuum power unit, suction hose and cleaning set, such as power nozzle for cleaning carpets and floor head for tile or hardwood floors with attachment tools such as crevice, dusting, and upholstery tools. Moreover, inlets valves, also known as outlet or wall ports. (If the house is not roughed-in, it an be retrofitted by an experienced installer).

You will usually find the power unit in a garage, basement, or storage room. Wall inlet valves are installed strategically on each level of the house; then you would plug the hose suction into the wall inlet and attach your clean-up accessories such as floor head, power nozzle/brush for carpet, and other vacuum cleaning accessories to remove dirt from the interior rooms efficiently. These hoses can be removed and put aside after you are done with the cleaning.

Central Vacuum System Power Unit

Beam 375 Central Vacuum

Floor And Carpet Cleaning Attachment Set

Central Vacuum Attachment Set

Central Vac Hose

Central Vacuum Hose

Types of Filtration System

Cyclonic With Filteration Central Vacuum System
Bagged Filteration Central Vacuum System
central vacuum system

Bagless (Cyclonic): there are three types of cyclonic ones – (i) filtered (ii) without filter and (iii) self cleaning

Bagged: with this type of power unit you MUST use a dust bag. Good examples of these are small, – compact central vacuums designed for condos and town homes.

Hybrid: as the name tells, this type of power unit gives you an option to use it with a dust-bag or without.

Images – courtesy of CycloVac Filteration

Why is a Central Vacuum Better than a Regular Portable Vacuum?

Financial UpsideCentral vacuum systems cost less than the major home appliances and are easy to install. Obviously, they cost more than portable vacuums but we can argue, if we do the math in the long run, it becomes cheaper and more profitable than portables (considering – maintenance, parts, and replacement cost). Central vacuums can also boost / help increase the resale value of your home.

More Power, More Cleaning – Regular vacuum cleaners lack the power central vacuums provide due to their larger, more powerful motor. As a result, you get all kinds of dust out of your building in less time and that helps you deep clean. If you get a wet/dry vacuum – even better to tackle the spills and even do steams.

Healthier – Studies show that often indoor air could be more polluted and harmful to breathe despite our misconception that it is mostly clean. Central vacuums have proven to be great at sucking out all sorts of pollen, bacteria, and pet dander along with harmful dust and dirt particles brought in by kids or pets. This keeps you and your family healthier and away from any harmful allergens.

Convenience All the Way – Central vacuum power units are usually out of sight, and you don’t have to carry them around like the regular vacuums that require you to plug/unplug to vacuum different parts of your home. Especially those difficult-to-get places like the stairs, patio, and garage. The dirt capacity is far greater in central vacuums and it usually requires you to empty it only about three to five times a year.

Noise – Since the power unit is installed remotely (garage or basement), you won’t have to hear and carry the loud noise that comes with the regular vacuum.

To cap it off, central vacuums have a clear edge with all the above benefits we mentioned. And they are far better than regular vacuums, whether it is the inconvenience of carrying them around, plugging-in/out, emptying the container, cleaning difficult areas, or simply doing more cleaning as well as adding more value to your home once installed – definitely something a regular canister vacuum can’t beat.