Chameleon Retractable Hose System

Chameleon retractable hose system is the latest system, which features magnetic door closure, built-in handle, auto lock, and turn-off. A complete seal and consistent every time you vacuum. It makes the retractable hose system more convenient and an easy way to vacuum. Powered by your central vacuum, the hose will hide inside its tubing for when you want to use it. Easily accessible for a powerful clean whenever you want.

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Latest update [NEW] Adaptable Hose System for Central Vacuums

How Chameleon Works

Once installed properly by our professional and experienced installer, it is simple and easy to use. This is how you can use it and will help you clean your whole house.

Chameleon Retractable Hose System Inlet Valve Door


1. Pull – Simply pull the hose out until it clicks, making it lock in place

floor head vacuuming hardwood

2. Vacuum – Choose an attachment and turn it on to begin sucking up whatever you want.

Chameleonvac Hose Retracting & Valve

3. Release & Retract. The hose will easily retract after you twist the hose to the left, cover the end with your hand, and watch it disappear into your wall. Then turn it off and close the valve door

The Key Benefits and Features of Chameleon Retractable Hose System:

Versatile – As easy as picking an attachment and then being able to clean various surfaces: carpets, tiles, wood flooring, stairs, windows, baseboards, upholstery, curtains, cupboards, furniture, fans, lint traps, beds, anything you want.

Space No more shoving the hose into a closet, as it stays out of sight in your walls.

Speed – Already in every part of your house means no more lugging a hose around. Quickly clean up a mess with ease.

Quiet – Not only will there be less noise because the central vacuum power unit is installed farther away, you will be making less noise by not moving around dealing with the hose.

Value Invest in the worth of your house as the Chameleon-Vac retractable hose systems adds value to your home. It also lasts over 20 years!

Out-Performing A step up from competitors, with an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Chameleon also includes reduced friction on the hose, magnetic door closures, and automatic turn-off.

Chameleon Retractable Hose System Comes With …
  • The hose that retracts into the wall (30 – 60ft) that will cover up to 2,200 sq. ft. ChameleonVac’s hose is unique and designed with a built-in 360° handle, making it easier to vacuum a quick mess.

  • You can choose to have it with a convenient sock (hose cover) or without. A hose cover is recommended to protect your furniture.

  • Bare Floor Kit (Brush, Wand & Accessories).

  • 3 different colored door covers to match your home

Chameleon retractable hose system
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