Central Vacuum Quick Clean Products & Retractable Hose System

Did you know? There are few quick clean central vacuum products and retractable hose system solutions that will make your vacuum chores a snap and fun. Makers are always improving them. A couple of new products that has been launched recently are Vroom retract vac for garage and Chameleonvac for whole-house. Prior to these, Retraflex hose system…continue reading below.

…main features of quick clean products and retractable hose system is they come with a stretch or long enough hose that will be stored inside your house’s wall. This avoids tangling while vacuuming; coiling and storing after done. Nowadays, you can get a product or system that comes from 12ft up to 60ft length hose. Let’s list the popular ones below. As usual, don’t hesitate to reach us out when you’ve question, need to upgrade your system to retractable. We’ll be glad to customize, recommend and provide you with installation. Contact here.

Top Central Vacuum Quick Clean Products & Retractable Hose System Solutions

We mentioned in more details on main retractable page. Here let’s just mention starting with the latest ones in the market:

  • Vroom Retract Vac – first retractable hose solution for garage interior and exterior
  • ChameleonVac – lately complete retractable hose system solution for whole interior house (can also be installed for garage)
  • Retraflex – recent also complete retractable hose system solution for whole-house
  • Hide-A-Hose – first invented retractable hose system

And the below quick clean products are good for high traffic areas that need cleaned fast with easy to reach vacuum attachments & accessories…

  • Vroom for cabinet – a nice product that comes with 18′ or 24′ stretch retractable hose. Good for kitchens, mud-rooms, ensuite bathrooms and so on. Also can be used for garage though Vroom Retract-Vac is preferred nowadays.
  • WallyFlex – also nice device that comes with auxiliary hose that serves same as vroom for cabinet above. Good for over counter quick jobs like workshop, pet-grooming etc.
  • Spot – same system and concept as above retractable hose system. This was mainly designed for laundry rooms and mud-rooms.

You might ask how about automatic dustpans? Also known as vacu-sweep, vacpan, toe-kick and other names given by some (like kick plate), I guess vacpan is going to be out-dated and not serving the quick clean and retractable hose concept. As you will have to grab a broom to get the dirt closer to the vac-pan then turn it on with your foot. May be better than grabbing the hose and storing it back. You just got a better way and solution with the above quick clean products.

Ok the choice is yours :). Let’s know which way you want to go. Shop above or keep in touch for custom inquiry and installation.