Retraflex Hose System

Retraflex Retractable Hose System

Retraflex, another retractable hose system, is made in Canada and was developed by Trovac Industries Ltd., one of the leading manufacturers. Trovac also makes CycloVac, MVac, AirStream, Deco, WalyFlex and has acquired many brands, such as Hayden.

Retraflex was the first to redesign the retractable hose system after Hide-A-Hose and come up with a sturdy back mounting plate and nice looking inlet valve door. It still reliess on the power suction of your central vacuum unit. It is the ideal solution for a more simple and efficient way to clean your whole house. Hide your vacuum hose in the central vacuum’s piping that’s roughed-in inside the wall.

Retraflex Hose Demo 1
Retraflex Hose Demo 2

How to use Retraflex

How Retraflex Hose System Works

1- Pull Simply pull the hose out to your desired length and pull the black handle – this locks the hose and doesn’t let the hose retract back while vacuuming

2Vacuum Pull the red small handle on left as showed above (it will be on right if installed downward). This turns the system on. Attach your cleaning accessory and vacuum

3- Retract Hose Once done with cleaning detach your attachments, cover the end of your hose’s cuff with your hand. The hose will easily retract.

4- Cover Door You may push back the red handle or just close the door as that will automatically stop the central vacuum power unit

Watch How Retraflex Works In Action

Benefits of Retraflex…

Versatile – As easy as picking an attachment and then being able to clean various surfaces: carpets, tiles, wood flooring, stairs, windows, baseboards, upholstery, curtains, cupboards, furniture, fans, lint traps, beds, anything you want.

Space – No more shoving the hose into a closet, as it stays out of sight in your walls.

Speed – Already in every part of your house; means no more lugging a hose around. Quickly clean up a mess with ease.

Quiet – Not only will there be less noise because the central vacuum power unit is installed further away, you will be making less noise by not moving around and dealing with the hose.

Health – This system is great at removing the dirt, making less drifting particles, and will give you a deeper clean.

Out-Performing – A step up from competitors, with an industry-leading five-year warranty.

What comes with Retraflex….
  • Bare floor attachment kit i.e., floor brush, wand, basic crevice, dusting brush, and upholstery tools
  • Suction hose, depending on your preferred lengths 30-60ft

  • Handle – gas pump style handle to connect to your hose and wand

  • Inlet Valve Door – A contoured design door with various colors to choose from to match your home

Retraflex Rough-In KitRetraflex Hose System Kit

Convenience and Value – Invest in the worth of your house, as the retractable hose systems adds value to your home.

Want to switch to retractable hose system but got a carpet? We have a solution! We will provide you a cordless or corded powerhead brush to vacuum your carpet. Feel free to drop us a line.
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