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Combo Electric Hose 3-Way Hi-Low On/OFF Switch Button - Light Gray

SKU HB-30'100-35'110
In stock
Product Details

Combo Electric Central Vacuum Hose, 3-Way ON/OFF Switch Button, Gas Pump Swivel Handle Hi/Low. With Air Relief - Hanmi Light Gray

This electric hose is the most used and preferred hose made by Plastiflex, can be used with your central vacuum power head carpet brush and floor head as well. Crush proof with gas pump handle and lock tube.

Features and Benefits:

* Crush-proof

* Button Lock

* Handle: Gas Pump Style

* Cuff End: Pig Tail/Direct Connect

* Fits: with new and old standard wall inlet valves (outlets)

* 360-Swivel for fewer kinks

* 3 Way Switch On and Off button

* Air Bleed/Flow Adjustability

Specification / Product Data Information

Type: Electric Hose High Volt

Color: White

Length: Available in 30, 35, 40 and 50 Ft

Diameter: 1 3/8"

Voltage: 110 Volt and 24 Volt

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* Don’t forget: to check your dust bag, muffler, power head’s roller brush and belt as these needs regular check/replacement (average six-twelve months). And central vac power unit motor’s carbon brush (recommended every 5 years.

* We strongly recommend against vacuuming abrasive materials such as cement, plaster and gyproc (drywall) dust. This fine dust could work its way into the motor, causing considerable damage. Should you do so inadvertently, immediately clean the filters and, as a precautionary measure, contact us to determine the extent of the damage to the unit.