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Cyclovac 7525 Central Vacuum Power Unit

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Product Details

Cyclovac 7525 Central Vacuum System - Hybrid Power Unit

Cyclovac 7525 is designed for high performance and very powerful thanks to its two motor heads (total of 4 stages/turbines). 7525 is very efficient and comes with great features like the Information Centre which informs you when to change the bag and empty the canister, when maintenance is due and/orr if you should consult a technician for service.

This is the best choice for of multiple retractable hose system which will save you the hassle of going from inlet to inlet. Simply pull out the hose for quick clean-ups. Once done it will go hide behind the walls in a jiffy! It’s simple, it’s convenient, powerful - covering your cleaning needs in all ways.


Cyclovac offers 25 year warranty for only $50 retail, with the purchase of any Mvac central vacuum manufactured within the last 6 months. The Mvac warranty extension confirms that the motor and electronic components of your Mvac central vacuum are guaranteed for a total period of 25 years. Labor costs, however, are only covered by the original warranty, for a period of 3 to 5 years, depending on the model.*

Features and Benefits:

  • Made in Canada
  • Good for large houses, mansions and businesses (approximate area 1 858m2 / 20,000 sq ft
  • Hybrid central vacuum filtration system allows you to use it with a bag or without
  • 240 V, 1254 Air Watts
  • Perfect for retractable hose system.
  • 15 years warranty* (Limited lifetime warranty* on unit's body and 25 Years extension available)

Cyclovac 7525 Technical Data / Specifications
Airwatts 1354
Decibels S: 72 - P: 70
airflow S: 136.7 CFM | 232.3 CMH / P: 273.4 CFM | 464.5 CMH
Suction H20 S: 254 in | 6452 mm / P: 149.2 in | 3790 mm
Ampères 14.6 A
Voltage 240 V
Turbines 4
Bag Capacity
2nd Unit
5.8 US gal / 22 l
0 gal US | 0 L
Receptacle Capacity
2nd Unit
6.2 US gal | 23.3 L
0 gal US | 0 L
2nd Unit
41.8 " / 106.2 cm
17 in | 43.2 cm
2nd Unit
14.1 " / 35.8 cm
11 in | 27.9 cm
2nd Unit
37.5 lb / 17 kg
15.8 lb | 7.2 kg
2nd Unit
2nd Unit
Bag or Bagless (self-cleaning filter)

Cyclovac power unit models' capacity:

Models Cleaning surface* Maximum number
of standard inlets**
Maximum number
of Retraflex®inlets**
30' standard hose 30' standard hose
115 4 000 ft2 5 2
125 5 500 ft2 6 4
215 5 500 ft2 8 5
615 7 500 ft2 8 5
725 15 000 ft2 15 8
2015 17 000 ft2 18 10
7525 (in parallel)
21 000 ft2 23 12
7525 (in series)
36 000 ft2 40 25

For more information and details of different hose lengths check this inlet per unit guide.

*Cleaning surface is provided as a general reference only. Many other factors should be considered for the choice of a central vacuum such as carpets, allergies, pets, etc.

*WallyFlex or automatic dustpans should not be considered in the total number of inlets, but only in the total length of PVC.

* Residential Warranty - Parts: 15 years * Domestic use only and all our units’ bodies are covered by a lifetime warranty, ensuring your peace of mind for numerous years. See details in owner’s manual.

* The warranty extension is subject to the same terms and conditions as the regular Mvac warranty. It is valid for domestic use only and Mvac reserves the right to send a technician to verify the installation location in case of doubt. This warranty extension is not transferable. Make sure to keep the warranty extension certificate and all payment records. We encourage you to register your warranty online at Both invoices for the vacuum unit and the warranty extension may be required for any claim.

* Commercial Warranty 90 days

* Retractable Hose System

* Cleaning surface is provided as a general reference only. Many other factors should be considered for the choice of a central vacuum such as carpets, allergies, pets, etc.

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* All prices are in Canadian dollars (Currency: CAD). * Photos for illustrative purposes only, we use manufacturers’ photos. Some image may not be exact.

* Don’t forget: to check your dust bag, muffler, power head’s roller brush and belt as these needs regular check/replacement (average six-twelve months). And central vac power unit motor’s carbon brush (recommended every 5 years.

* We strongly recommend against vacuuming abrasive materials such as cement, plaster and gyproc (drywall) dust. This fine dust could work its way into the motor, causing considerable damage. Should you do so inadvertently, immediately clean the filters and, as a precautionary measure, contact us to determine the extent of the damage to the unit.