Vroom Central Vacuum Quick Clean Product With Stretch Hose

Vroom Central Vacuum is a quick-clean add-on product to your central vacuum. It’s a good solution for the most often used areas – kitchen, mud rooms, bathrooms and garage. A neat and tidy way of vacuuming which will free you from lugging around bulky central vacuum hoses or using broom, dustpan, or paper towels.

Vroom lets you quickly clean up messes such as cereal spills, dryer lint screen, laundry detergent spills, a baking mess, your stove top, crumbs, pet food, pet hair, litter box, cookie crumbs, or make up/hair on the bathroom counter top and sink.

How Vroom Works…

Once installed neatly in a standard cabinet, it’s very easy to use – as easy as shown in the video! Reach into the unit…

1 Pull – Simply pull the hide-a-hose out to your desired length, then lock it in with an easy to use switch.

Vroom Central Vacuum

2 Vacuum – Turn it on and begin vacuum and sucking up whatever you want, or put on the desired cleaning tool to vacuum your desired surface.

Vroom Central Vacuum Quick Clean With Stretch Hose

3 Retract & Lock – Put your hand on the end cuff, and the stretch hose will be recoiled inside the device and place it properly. It will turn off the main unit.

Vroom Central Vacuum

As simple as that! Let’s watch all that again in action…

Vroom central vacuum is good…

For anyone who wants a more convenient lifestyle! A person that works all day and gets to come home to a clean house may not see why it is needed, but the person that does the cleaning will. Make vacuuming easier so you can have more time to do other things. Even get the kids to finally enjoy cleaning. For tThat person that dislikes cleaning, but still has to keep their garage in shape.

Where can you install it?

Almost Aanywhere! Vroom central vacuum can be installed in: kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, foyers, mud rooms, workshops, garages, master bathroom, hobby rooms, in-home theaters, playrooms, etc.


Faster: Quicker cleanup in those high-traffic areas

Convenience: Closer to you with a 24’ hose reach, makes it easily accessible. No more need to grab the long central vac hose and other cleaning supplies

Retracting Hose: The automatically retracting hose also turns itself on and off. Turns on when you remove the handle, turns off when the handle retracts back into place

Hidden: Kept hidden away and out of sight, but still in reach, as it’s installed within cabinets or closets

Vroom Central Vacuum Comes With…

Vroom Central Vacuum
Vroom Central Vacuum

It comes in two sizes! With 18ft and 24ft stretch hose. The 24’ one comes with the wand and floor brush attachments. See the specification below and choose which version is right for your specific room(s).


Vroom Central Vac 24ft Unit Dimension specification

• Retractable hose with up to a 24′ reach

• Automatic on/off and hose lock

• Ergonomic comfort-grip handle

• Light, durable, molded ABS polymer case

• Reversible side panel

• Comes with adjustable wand & floor/rug tool

• 3″ W (5.18″ with tools) x 21.75″ D x 15.5″ H

Vroom Central Vac 18ft Unit Dimension specification

• Retractable hose with up to an 18′ reach

• Automatic on/off and hose lock

• Ergonomic comfort-grip handle

• Light, durable, molded ABS polymer casea

• Colourful logo label on sides

Optional tool rack for adjustable wand & floor/rug tool

    • 3″ W x 17.75″ D x 15.5″ H

    Garage version:

    Easily installable in the garage and does not take up any valuable storage space with its unique overhead mounted design. The most convenient way to clean your garage. Simply reach up and pull it down to begin cleaning your garage floor, workbenches, boat, car, windows, doors, or anything you desire. Then simply let it retract back on its own and get on with your day.

    H-P Products Inc. just launched a stand alone retractable hose for garage. Visit Vroom Retract-Vac page for more info.

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