Vroom Retract Vac

Vroom Retract Vac is a new and great retractable hose system for garages. Another solution and design by H-P Products. Unlike Vroom for kitchen and/or bathroom cabinet that comes with a maximum of 24ft of stretch hose, this new product comes with 30ft of hose, and, if needed, you can get up to a 50ft long hose.

Vroom Retract Vac

Like all retractable hose system technology, Vroom Retract Vac is also an add-on to your central vacuum and uses the suction power of your power unit. This is next level in the industry, introduced by H-P Products Inc. at the 2019 Vacuum Dealers Trade Association Show in Las Vegas on Feb 12-14, 2019. It was voted on by attendees and won “The Best New Central Vacuum Product of the year“.

How It Works And Will Help You Clean Your Garage In Less Time

Once installed properly by our professional and experienced installer, it is simple and easy to use…

Vroom Retract Vac Valve Using with hand


1. Pull. Simply pull out to your desired length, then turn it on…

Vroom Retract Vac

2 Vacuum. Begin sucking up whatever you want or put on the desired cleaning tools to vacuum your car, in or outside of your garage surface

Vroom Retract Vac Valve Using with hand2

3. Retract. When done, and it will automatically turn your central vacuum power unit off.

Let’s Watch This Video Demonstrates Just That…

The Key Benefits of Vroom Retract Vac

Besides it being each to use, it is also quicker than having to hook up the hose manually

No more carrying or dealing with a tangled cord

Easily installable with its surface-mount design

As mentioned above, you can get a 30’ to 50’ hose for a variety of garage sizes

A more powerful and deeper clean

What Can You Clean With It?

Powerful suction to clean any mess. Customize with an accessory to clean any surface in your garage or car; be it the garage roof, car interiors, car seats, floor mats, garage floors, bench, cobwebs – you name it. The flexible hose can get anywhere you want it to go, be it inside the garage or outside.

Vacuuming With Vroom Retract Vac Work Bench Garage
Vacuuming Car Seat With Vroom Retract Vac
Vroom RetractVac Car garage vacuming

It Is Ideal For…

Anyone with a garage that they want to keep clean. From a storage place to a person’s workshop, whatever your garage is used for. Keeping it clean can be a pain, so let Vroom Retract Vac make it easier. Great for car lovers. Get it all done in one go instead of constantly emptying a smaller vacuum.

* Perfect for the common busy person.

Vroom Retract Vac Comes With …

A standard 30’ – 50′ retractable hose

A surface-mounting hardware that makes it easy to install

A comfortable handle to grip

6’’ clear tubing

3-year warranty

Vroom Retract Vac Hose Kit

Vroom Retract Vac Specification

Vroom Retract Vac Specification
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