WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose – Meet The Vacuuming Butler!

WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose

Central vacuum WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose is a another quick clean up solution. Comes with a stretch hose very innovative and handy way to clean, it can be installed and used in a laundry room, mud room and en-suite bathroom. Even pantry, closet, garage workshop and other areas where you think would be good to have. It looks stylish as it mounts to the wall and can easily grab a hold of it. An innovative auxiliary hose that brings convenience.

 Watch How Central Vacuum WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose Works In-Action

You don’t have to bend down to grab it. You can grab it easily with just one hand. Cleanup in seconds as you grab it, flip the switch with just a flick of a finger, clean away, place it back and flip it back off. How fancy!

Is it only for a butler? No!

Anybody who wants to keep their space clean quickly with ease can use this tool. For seniors who have a tough time bending down, or children that don’t find cleaning fun. The WallyFlex will change their lives for the better.

Key Benefits and Features of WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose

  • Easy: It is so simple to use, even with one hand.
  • Accessible: In arm’s reach and no bending down required. Can be easily installed in any location needed – kitchen, bathroom, utility room, garage, wardrobes.
  • Stylish: A neat look that is not an eyesore to look at.
  • Stretchy: The flexible hose can reach up to 15 feet.
  • Quick and practical: With the power of the central vacuum, it makes the dirt or crumbs disappear quickly. Grabbing the tool and using its handle and switch available for anytime quick clean
  • Fit All” 1.25″ Universal attachment – can be used and attached to central vacuum attachments: wand, dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool other standard tools

WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose comes with:

  • Control console
  • 1 mounting plate and 3 mounting screws
  • 13 ft. expandable stretch hose (up to 28′ hose can be purchased separated)
  • Comes in white and black colors to match your home
  • Get the WallyPlus and you get three handy attachments – dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool

Specification :

Hose Length: 13ft

Hose Type: Stretch

Weight: 3lbs